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Attack of the Cracked Onions

Attack of the Cracked Onions fights musical norms with our blend of jazzy sweetness, many layers of folk and rock, and rounded out with a savory funkiness.
"I believe that our compositions have a unique character that appeals to a wide variety of people. They are upbeat and funky for a lively audience, yet tastefully jazzy and melodic for the more discerning listener." – Alisa Parker
The band began in 2007, in my first year at Selkirk College, and we had a blast! We focused on original music and started doing local gigs. We performed several times around Nelson and Castlegar, BC and, of course, at the college while we were there. Our local fame culminated in the premier performance of Floviligrant for my final showcase.

After college, we all went our separate ways and I began to focus on the full-length album of Floviligrant. I wrote a few more songs to further explore some of the characters and complete the journey. Darrell and I bought some decent gear and began the recording process with a trip to Camrose,AB, where Jon Sims was living at the time, to record his savvy drumming. Darrell Anderson wrote and recorded some killer new bass parts and I began to lay down my own guitar and vocal tracks.
Floviligrant is now nearly complete and is due to be released early in 2013.


A musical and visual masterpiece by Alisa Parker, the story of Floviligrant is told in the music, in the lyrics and with original artwork. It is the tale of a dragon and her companions in their quest to defeat the evil, blue witch Floviligrant, who has gained control of the shadows and is capturing world after world as her own.

A taste...

Here are a couple tunes from the upcoming album.

Alisa Parker: Rise of Floviligrant (sample)

…prepare to be moved and amazed by unique grooves and shadowy art as you witness the magic of Floviligrant.

Alisa Parker: Shadowise (sample)

Attack of the Cracked Onions is currently seeking musicians for the live performance of Floviligrant. If you love the music and would like to be involved, please contact me.